"Hey, ace! I'm Archie. I'm a straight-shooter. C'mon, I'll show ya!" WizMo's Workshop: Dragons of Frozzbokk intro

"Ozzie [sic] is the fisherman of the Fat Dragons family."Advertising blurb from the Magna Toy online catalog

Archie's largest plush is 11" tall, making him one of the smaller Fat Dragons. He is also unique for the square-shaped pads on the soles of his feet, and his bright pink belly scales. Little is known about his hobbies or personality other than his characterization as a keen and eager archer in WizMo: Dragons of Frozzbokk. It is as of yet unknown whether this aligns to his personality as established in the original line of plushes.

Magna Toy, a defunct retailer that sold Fat Dragons plush, mentioned on Archie's page that he enjoyed fishing, though the quote named Ozzie rather than Archie. It is unknown whether this is intended to apply to him, or if it was supposed to go on Ozzie's page.